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The Store operates as a year-round free grocery store allowing people to shop for their basic needs.

Carrie Underwood releases new song "Stretchy Pants" with a portion of proceeds benefitting The Store

"We knew it would bring a lot of fun and joy to people, but I also wanted to do something good with it that would help people."
Carrie Underwood

We had a great group come visit The Store this week! Thank you all for the kind words and for supporting our mission as we strive to feed our Nashville community 💚 #loveatthecore

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In this exclusive interview with Brad Paisley & Kimberly Williams-Paisley, the couple opens up about their non-profit grocery store in Nashville, making sure their kids know the importance of helping those in need, and how, after 18 years, their marriage is stronger than ever.


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The Store, founded by Brad and Kimberly Paisley, operates as a year-round free grocery store allowing people to shop for their basic needs. Courtney Vrablik stepped into the role of Executive Director opening The Store right when two storms of very different kinds hit, and she has weathered them both well!  In this week’s episode, we learn more about the impact the Store is making in their local community, hear more about Courtney’s incredible journey, and discover ways for our listeners to get engaged. Listen to the Podcast

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (March 11, 2021) The Store, a nonprofit free-referral based grocery store co-founded by Brad Paisley and Kimberly Williams-Paisley, had no idea one year ago how its operation model was going to change. It opened for in-store clients on March 12, 2020, following the March 3 tornado that devastated parts of Nashville. The Store was only open for four days when the COVID-19 pandemic became widespread and it was obvious in-store shopping was not going to be feasible. A new plan was needed and staff, partners and volunteers all worked diligently to reach people in need as they were sheltered at home. The Store exemplifies the theme, Better Together. A home delivery system for the elderly was immediately put in place with volunteers delivering to 48 elderly households the first week and curbside pick-up was implemented for households in need. The weekly deliveries are currently capped at 450 households and curbside pickup is at 200 per week. This is six times the initial projection.  READ MORE

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Our organization earned a 2021 Gold Seal of Transparency! Now, everyone can view our financial details and learn about the people at our organization. Check out our updated #NonprofitProfile on Candid:

The Store-Gold Star

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Hunger Zero Waste plan, @KrogerCo is committed to creating communities free of hunger and waste. We join them in honoring those who do just that. ⠀

Meet Courtney Vrablik, Executive Director at @thestore_nashville. ⠀

Last November, I saw an ad for The Store. Brad and Kimberly Paisley are the founders, and they were looking for an operations manager. I was in management with Amazon at the time, but I’m a former pastry chef, and food is my first passion. In between my career in foodservice and at Amazon, I was a stay-at-home mom. We faced some financial difficulties and needed to utilize the SNAP program and food pantries. All of those things made me compelled to apply for the job.⠀

The standard food pantry is usually organized in a way that whatever is in the box is based on whatever they could obtain, but a lot of the boxes are not necessarily logical. The Store is set up like a grocery store. A family comes in, and after filling out the intake information, they grab a cart and pick out things they know their family will eat. There is an entire produce section with fresh produce that comes in weekly. We stock nutritionally dense, healthful, low-fat items that are easy to combine and prepare. Everyone in the store shopping, they are all basically in the same boat, so it’s a safe place to be. ⠀

When I was using either WIC or the EBT card in a grocery store, there were a number of times people made comments about my purchases. It got to the point where I would grocery shop in the middle of the night because of the anxiety that caused. And if I was shopping with my kids, it was mortifying. ⠀

On average, The Store supplies about 550 households primarily in Davidson County through our delivery and curbside programs. Going home and being able to tell my kids what we’re doing ... they remember what it was like when the pantry and fridge weren’t as full. Being able to let them know that the way they have helped out at home and generally being good kids has helped contribute to my ability to focus on different ways we can help other families because literally, these are our neighbors.

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Delivering groceries to our neighbors in need this afternoon with The store! 


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