Board of Trustees:
Brad Paisley, Founder
Kimberly Williams-Paisley, Founder
John Schario, Board President
David Minnigan, Treasurer
Debbie Wilkins, Secretary

Elaine Bryan
Melissa Eads
Jaynee Day
Dawana Wade
Butch Spyridon
Susan Jones
Michelle Rowe
Troy Edwards
Michael Stagg
Scott Scovill
Megan Zarling
Emily Buzhardt


Sarah Goodrich
Courtney Vrablik
Executive Director
Jasmine Ledsinger
Jasmine Ledsinger
Director of Programming
Sarah Goodrich
Sarah Goodrich
Operations Manager
Mari Clare Derrick
Mari Clare Derrick
Volunteer Coordinator
/ Admin Assistant

"At Belmont, we believe that the greatest privilege that anyone can ever have is to be in a position to help and serve another person. Brad and Kim are living out that mission in an extraordinary fashion in every aspect of their lives, particularly through the creation of The Store. We are proud to partner with them on this initiative, and I’m excited to watch as our current students pour their gifts and abilities into supporting the needs of The Store’s patrons."

Dr. Bob Fisher | Belmont University President

Special Thanks to our Founder's Circle

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